Collect information from people internal or external to DefectDojo.


Questionnaires provide a means for collecting information from developers and respective stakeholders. DefectDojo includes functionality to create new questionnaires with custom questions, open questionnaires to receive responses for certain time periods from insiders or outsiders, and connect questionnaires with new or existing engagements.

Creating a New Questionnaire

To access, create, or modify new/existing questionnaires, navigate to the All Questionnaires dashboard from the sidebar.

Questionnaires Location

On the questionnaire dashboard, all existing questionnaires are displayed. To quickly find a questionnaire, the filters may be used to search for snippets within the questionnaire name and/or description, as well as by active/inactive status.

When questionnaires are open for responses, they will be displayed in the General Questionnaires block towards the bottom of the page.

To begin the process of creating a new questionnaire, select the Create Questionnaire button located in the top right of the questionnaire dashboard.

Questionnaires Home View

Questionnaires have a name and description, as well as an activity status, which are initially set on questionnaire creation, but can be modified in the future if necessary. Once these fields are filled in appropriately, the user can create the questionnaire without any questions (by selecting Create Questionnaire), or with questions (by selecting Create Questionnaire and Add Questions).

Create New Questionnaire

To add questions to a questionnaire, select the dropdown titled Select as many Questions as applicable, which will open all of the existing questions within DefectDojo. Once the desired questions are selected from the list, the dropdown can be closed, and the Update Questionnaire Questions can be selected to save the newly created questionnaire.

Note: New questions may also be added at the time of questionnaire creation by selecting the plus located next to the questions dropdown.

Select Questions

Creating New Questions

The questions dashboard displays all of the questions that may exist as part of questionnaires within DefectDojo. Similar to questionnaires, to quickly find a question, the filters may be used to search for optional status, or snippets within the question name and/or description. Two types of questions exist within DefectDojo questionnaires: Text Questions and Multiple Choice Questions. To add a new question, select the Create Question button located in the top right of the questions dashboard.

Questionnaire Questions

Adding Text Questions

To add a text question (open-ended), fill out the add question form, where:

  • Type - The type of question being created, in this case Text.
  • Order - The order of a question describes its position in a questionnaire relative to other questions (e.g., an order of 1 will put the question higher than a question with order 4).
  • Optional - When the optional box is checked, a question will not be required in a questionnaire.
  • Question Text - The text that is displayed to prompt a user for their answer (e.g. What is your favorite color?).

Add Text Answer Question

Adding Multiple Choice Questions

Similar to the process of adding a text question, choice questions (non-open-ended) allow the user to pick from a given list of choices. To add a choice question, fill out the add question form, where:

  • Type - The type of question being created, in this case Choice.
  • Order - The order of a question describes its position in a questionnaire relative to other questions (e.g., an order of 1 will put the question higher than a question with order 4).
  • Optional - When the optional box is checked, a question will not be required in a questionnaire.
  • Multichoice - When the multichoice box is checked, multiple choices from the list of choices may be selected by the user.
  • Answer Choices - The possible answer choices that may be selected by a user.

Add Multiple Choice Question

Publishing a Questionnaire

Once a questionnaire has been successfully created, it can be published to accept responses. To publish a questionnaire, select the plus located to the right of General Questionnaires.

Add General Questionnaire

This will prompt for a specific questionnaire to be selected, as well as a date the questionnaire response window should close. The response window sets a due date for recipients. Once these two options have been selected, publish the questionnaire by selecting Add Questionnaire.

Publicize Questionnaire

Once a questionnaire is published, a link to share it can be retrieved by selecting the Share Questionnaire action. To ensure the newly created questionnaire has been constructed as expected, open the share link and view the newly created questionnaire.

Share Questionnaire Link

Responding to Questionnaires

Unassigned Questionnaires

When a questionnaire’s response window has closed, all of the responses will be saved, and the questionnaire will be listed as an Unassigned Answered Engagement Questionnaire on the DefectDojo dashboard.

There are three actions that may be taken when a questionnaire’s response window has closed: View Responses, Create Engagement, and Assign User.

Unnasigned Questionnaires

View Questionnaire Responses

To view the questionnaire responses, select the View Responses action. All of the responses from the questionnaire will be displayed.

View Questionnaire Responses

Create an Engagement From a Questionnaire

To link the questionnaire to a product via an engagement, select the Create Engagement action. Once a product is selected from the dropdown, select Create Engagement. This will link the questionnaire results with a new engagement under the selected product, which can then be given specific details similar to other engagements in DefectDojo, such as Description, Version, Status, Tags, etc.

Link Questionnaire to Engagement

New Engagement for Questionnaire

To view a questionnaire at the engagement level, navigate to the engagement linked with the desired questionnaire. Expand the Additional Features menu to reveal a Questionnaires dropdown, which will contain all of the linked questionnaires.

View Questionnaire from Engagement

Assign a Questionnaire to a User

To assign a questionnaire to a user, select the Assign User action. This will prompt for a user to be selected from the dropdown of available users. Once a user is selected, assign the questionnaire to the specified user by selecting Assign Questionnaire.

Assign Questionnaire to User

Creating Questionnaires From Engagements

While questionnaires are commonly created from the questionnaire dashboard, they can also be created at the engagement level. To create a new questionnaire from within an engagement, expand the Additional Features dropdown to reveal the Questionnaires dropdown. In the right side header of the Questionnaires dropdown, select the plus to link a new questionnaire.

New Questionnaire from Engagement

Once prompted, select a questionnaire from the available surveys list to link it with the engagement. If the user wishes to leave a response at the time of linking the questionnaire with the engagement, the Add Questionnaire and Repond option may be selected. To simply link the questionnaire with the engagement, select Add Questionnaire.

Select Questionnaire from Engagement

Anonymous Questionnaires

Questionnaires, by default, are only accessible by DefectDojo users. To allow outside responses to DefectDojo questionnaires, ensure the Allow Anonymous Survey Reponses option within the System Settings is selected. To share a questionnaire with anonymous users, use the questionnaire’s Share Link.

Anonymous Survey Reponses