Get up-to-date notifications regarding your DefectDojo instance.


Messenger acts as a secondary method of communication, outside of email, for SaaS management to communicate with SaaS subscription holders. Important information such as cancellation dates, bug reports, and trial expiration dates are all examples of data that may be shared with subscription holders by the messenger.

Message Notifications

New messages are collected automatically by DefectDojo. When new messages are received, they will be displayed as popups. After reviewing the contents of the popup, the message can be closed by selecting Acknowledge.

Message Notification

Message Portal

All previously received notifications will be stored and accessible within the message portal. To access previously received messages, navigate to the Message Portal page under the plugins tab within the sidebar.

Accessing Message Portal

Within the message portal, all previously received messages will be listed. As with other objects in DefectDojo, messages can be filtered to find a specific message faster. Although messages are collected automatically, if a user wishes to check for new messages manually, the Refresh button will pull any new messages that may exist.

Message Portal

To view a specific message in full, select the eyeball under the actions column for a specific message. After being redirected, of the details regarding a specific message will be displayed.

Message View Action

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