Enhanced Dashboard

A customizable dashboard for DefectDojo.

Enhanced Dashboard

The upgraded DefectDojo dashboard provides users with an enhanced take on the base DefectDojo dashboard. With this custom dashboard, users are given full control of what overview information tiles are displayed (e.g. Passing Products or Active Critical Findings), what icons and colors best represent these custom tiles, as well as what metrics should be displayed.

Enhanced Dashboard and is configured globally for all users (e.g. all users will see the same custom dashboard).

Enhanced Dashboard

This upgraded dashboard for DefectDojo also includes dynamic color tiles, which allows specified tiles to take a range of colors based on minimum and maximum threshold values. With this feature enabled, a tile’s color will automatically change based on the data that it represents.

To customize the enhanced dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard Settings page under the plugins tab within the sidebar.

Accessing Dashboard Settings

Enhanced Dashboard Settings

Initially, the Enhanced Dashboard will include preset tiles and metrics, however there is a variety of tiles that can be added. The following is an example of how to add a custom Finding Tile that displays Active Critical Findings, and updates its color dynamically as the number of Active Critical Findings increases within the threshold.

First, to add a new tile, drag and drop an item from the Available Tiles, block to the Dashboard Settings block. For this example, a new Finding Tile will be added.

Add Dashboard Tile

Once the tile has been added, its display attributes and filter attributes can be configured. For this example, Dynamic Color will be used with a Minimum Threshold of 0, and a Maximum Threshold of 5. This means that, when no Active Critical Findings exist across all products, the tile will display green, but as this number increases (to become closer to the Maximum Threshold), the tile color will change to display more alerting colors (such as yellow, orange, and red).

Add Dashboard Tile Headers

Once a tile’s display attributes have been set, filters must be added to query the desired information (e.g. all Findings with a status of Active and Critical)

Add Dashboard Tile Filters

Once the tile information has been configured, the Enhanced Dashboard settings can be submitted using the Submit button, where the newly configured dashboard will then be displayed.

With this example, the custom dashboard configuration would display as follows.

Enhanced Dashboard Example

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