Version Manager

Keep your DefectDojo instance up-to-date with the latest release.

Version Manager

The version manager within DefectDojo provides support for managing the base DefectDojo version by periodically checking for new versions of DefectDojo in one of the following locations: DefectDojo Open Source or Proprietary Offerings via DefectDojo’s GCP Artifact Registry.

To view the current DefectDojo version information of a given instance, navigate to the Version Manager Settings page within the sidebar.

Accessing Version Manager

Version Manager Settings

Within the Version Manager Settings page, you will find all the necessary information regarding the DefectDojo version, as well as options to elect for automatic updates, and set a reminder date to check for updates.

Version Manager Settings

Version Manager Notifications

When the reminder date set in the Version Manager Settings page is reached, a popup will be displayed that allows the user to either postpone the upgrade reminder, or perform the upgrade.

Version Manager Notification

If the user wishes to begin the upgrade when the reminder is shown, the Update Now button can be selected, which will then begin the upgrade process.

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