Proprietary Plugins

Additional features to enhance your experience with Defect Dojo.

Upon popular request, DefectDojo released proprietary SaaS and on premise versions of the complete DefectDojo software in 2022. These commercial versions of DefectDojo include support for implementation, best practices, bug fixes, and the features described in the Proprietary Plugins documentation sections.

Dark Mode Dashboard

For additional information, please see our pricing page.

Consultant Mode

Support multiple clients on one DefectDojo instance.

Dark Mode

A dark theme for DefectDojo.

Enhanced Dashboard

A customizable dashboard for DefectDojo.

License Manager

Keep track of your DefectDojo commercial edition license.


Get up-to-date notifications regarding your DefectDojo instance.

Smart Upload

A smarter way to import scans to DefectDojo.

Version Manager

Keep your DefectDojo instance up-to-date with the latest release.

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