Rusty Hog parser

From: Import the JSON output. Rusty Hog is a secret scanner built in Rust for performance, and based on TruffleHog which is written in Python.

DefectDojo currently supports the parsing of the following Rusty Hog JSON outputs:

  • Choctaw Hog: Scans for secrets in a Git repository.
  • Duroc Hog: Scans for secrets in directories, files, and archives.
  • Gottingen Hog: Scans for secrets in a JIRA issue.
  • Essex Hog: Scans for secrets in a Confluence page.

RustyHog scans only one target at a time. This is not efficient if you want to scan all targets (e.g. all JIRA tickets) and upload each single report to DefectDojo. Rusty-Hog-Wrapper deals with this and scans a whole JIRA Project or Confluence Space, merges the findings into a valid file which can be uploaded to DefectDojo. (This is no official recommendation from DefectDojo, but rather a pointer in a direction on how to use this vulnerability scanner in a more efficient way.)

Sample Scan Data

Sample Rusty Hog parser scans can be found here.

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