Import JSON reports from THC Hydra.

Hydra can discover weak login credentials on different types of services (e.g. RDP).

As Hydra cannot provide a severity rating (as it doesn’t know how severe a weak login is at this scanned service), all imported findings will be rated ‘High’.

Sample JSON report:

    "errormessages": [
        "[ERROR] Error Message of Something",
        "[ERROR] Another Message",
        "These are very free form"
    "generator": {
        "built": "2019-03-01 14:44:22",
        "commandline": "hydra -b jsonv1 -o results.json ... ...",
        "jsonoutputversion": "1.00",
        "server": "",
        "service": "http-post-form",
        "software": "Hydra",
        "version": "v8.5"
    "quantityfound": 1,
    "results": [
            "host": "",
            "login": "bill@example.com",
            "password": "bill",
            "port": 9999,
            "service": "http-post-form"
    "success": false

Sample Scan Data

Sample Hydra scans can be found here.

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