Defect Dojo Burp plugin

Export findings directly from Burp to DefectDojo.

Please note: The DefectDojo Burp Plugin has been sunset and is no longer a supported feature.

Burp is still a supported tool, and all the results from it can be imported into DefectDojo. Burp can produce XML reports and these can be uploaded to DefectDojo using the graphical user interface or the API. Our documentation at describes this usage.

This is Burp Plugin to export findings directly to DefectDojo.


In order for the plugin to work , you will need to have Jython set up in Burp Suite Pro . To use this plugin before it appears in the BApp Store you will need to do the following :

  1. Go to Extender and select the Extensions tab
  2. Click on Add , select Extension Type: to be Python and select the