A lot of integrations help to fit DefectDojo in your environment


How DefectDojo imports and reimports security tool reports.

Supported reports

DefectDojo has the ability to import scan reports from a large number of security tools.

DefectDojo API v2

DefectDojo’s API lets you automate tasks, e.g. uploading scan reports in CI/CD pipelines.

Authentication via OAuth2/SAML2

OAuth2/SAML2 let users authenticate against enterprise directories.

Authentication via LDAP

Authenticate users using LDAP

JIRA integration

Bidirectional integration of DefectDojo findings with Jira issues.

Source code repositories

Integration of repositories to navigate to the locaction of findings in the source code.


DefectDojo can inform you about changes on different channels.

Google Sheets synchronisation

Export finding details to Google Sheets and upload changes from Google Sheets.

Defect Dojo Burp plugin

Export findings directly from Burp to DefectDojo.

Languages and lines of code

You can import an analysis of languages used in a project, including lines of code.

Rate Limiting

Configurable rate limiting on the login page to mitigate brute force attacks


DefectDojo has the ability to export findings.