Upgrading to DefectDojo Version 2.12.x

breaking change

Breaking change for search: The field cve has been removed from the search index for Findings and the Vulnerability Ids have been added to the search index. With this the syntax to search explicitly for vulnerability ids have been changed from cve: to vulnerability_id:, e.g. vulnerability_id:CVE-2020-27619.

Upgrade instructions for helm chart with postgres enabled: The postgres database uses a statefulset by default. Before upgrading the helm chart we have to delete the statefullset and ensure that the pvc is reused, to keep the data. For more information: https://docs.bitnami.com/kubernetes/infrastructure/postgresql/administration/upgrade/ .

helm repo update
helm dependency update ./helm/defectdojo

# obtain name oft the postgres pvc
export POSTGRESQL_PVC=$(kubectl get pvc -l app.kubernetes.io/instance=defectdojo,role=primary -o jsonpath="{.items[0].metadata.name}")

# delete postgres statefulset
kubectl delete statefulsets.apps defectdojo-postgresql --namespace default --cascade=orphan

# upgrade
helm upgrade \
  defectdojo \
  ./helm/defectdojo/ \
  --set primary.persistence.existingClaim=$POSTGRESQL_PVC \
  ... # add your custom settings