Upgrading to DefectDojo Version 1.15.x

hashcode calculation logic has changed
  • See release notes: https://github.com/DefectDojo/django-DefectDojo/releases/tag/1.15.0

  • If you have made changes to JIRA templates or the template config in the JIRA Project config for instances/products/engagements: The jira template settings introduced in 1.13 have been changed. You now have to select a subfolder instead of a sinlge template file. If you have chosen a non-default template here, you have to reapply that to all products / engagements. Also you have to move your custom templates into the correct subfolder in dojo/templates/issue-trackers/.

  • Hashcode calculation logic has changed in #4134, #4308 and #4310 to update existing findings run:

    ./manage.py dedupe --hash_code_only

If you’re using docker:

docker-compose exec uwsgi ./manage.py dedupe --hash_code_only

This can take a while depending on your instance size.