How to amend the documentation

The documentation is built with Hugo and uses the theme Docsy. Static files for the webside are build with github actions and are publish in the gh-pages branch.

How to run a local preview

  1. Install Hugo. Make sure you have installed the extended version with Sass/SCSS support. Please note there are various Linux packages available on Hugo GitHub

  2. Install JavaScript packages

    To build or update your site’s CSS resources, you also need PostCSS to create the final assets. If you need to install it, you must have a recent version of NodeJS installed on your machine so you can use npm, the Node package manager. By default, npm installs tools under the directory where you run npm install:

        cd docs
        npm install
  3. Clone the DefectDojo git repository with the option --recurse-submodules. If you have already cloned the repository, make sure that you have checked out out the Docsy theme or use git submodule to check it out:

        cd docs/themes/docsy
        git submodule update --init --recursive
  4. Switch to the docs folder and start the hugo server with hot reloading hugo server -D --config

  5. Visit http://localhost:1313/django-DefectDojo/dev.

See also the Docsy installation procedures for reference.